2107-0445 Error

Hello all, I am trying to fix a Switch that shows Error 2107-0445 almost right after booting up. I have tried the various steps found on google but none work ie entering recovery and updating system but it won’t complete and throws the 2107-0445 error. Once the switch boots up to the Home Screen, it will always show that error after 10 secs whether I touch the screen or not. No game or sdcard inserted.

I have tried replacing M92T but get the same results. No shorts that I can find around M92T or BQ chips.

Has anyone come across this issue? TIA

I’ve seen someone mentioned this error code related to WIFI issue.
You might give a try replace the wifi chip and check

I have this exact issue, any update on what causes it?

For me it wasn’t the wifi chip. I tried to reflow it and that wasn’t the cause. I replaced MT92 and now it boots but has no wifi. I’m going to replace the wifi chip next but at least the 2107-0445 error is gone.

Does it just not show the wifi networks now? There was a chinese repair on youtube of a wireless communication bga chip replacement that fixed that scenario.

In my case, I turned on the switch today and it did not throw the error. I bought it with the error last week and it has had it in the way you described since then.

But for some reason I randomly turned it on today, i did nothing different, and no error. I immediately put it into airplane mode and tested it all day, turning it on and off and navigating the menus. I never took it off of airplane mode. So i decided while i could navigate, i should initialize (factory reset) to rule out some sort of corrupt setting.

Now it boots to an animation asking me to sync some joycons in it (dont have access till them until tomorrow) and its not throwing the error. However, It is throwing the error in recovery mode.

My prediction is the error will show up as soon as i attempt to pair those cons or it straight up wont recognize them.

ok. little bit of an update. i received 3 new CYW4356XKUBG chips from china. this is the same as my original part. they were in blister packs still and pre-balled. i removed the one i had and did what seemed to be a successful install of the new one.

i turned on the device, which had been factory reset, it booted and i got the ‘attach joycon’ screen. i attached them and it recognized them. no 2107-0445 error! :slight_smile:

however, when it came time to ‘connect to the internet’ on the setup process … well. … it threw this:

i hit the OK button, it dumped me back to setup. i choose to setup internet later and it went on to wanting me to remove the joycons and test. i removed them. but it didnt recognize them in wireless mode. and you can’t move on in the process from there.

soo. it seems it recognizes the chip enough to not give me a 2107-0445 error. and it boots up. but it has no wireless functionality. i have since done more research and i guess the chips need to have some sort of nintendo info on them to be fully recognized.

i just ordered another one off a switch lite. no one seems to have any wifi chips avail off the OLED. maybe this donor one will work? what a PIA

Thanks for sharing. I have some BCM chips but haven’t tried replacing the wifi chip. For some reason now my Switch will not boot so need to figure that out first. I’m just getting a black screen, no backlight but no shorts around the usual chips, m92 and bq.

I’ve also heard new chips will restore Bluetooth but not wifi. However I saw a YouTube video of cod3r replacing his with a new chip and wifi worked afterwards.