2DS XL crashes to blackscreen error when wifi enabled

Hi all, I have a 2DS XL that will crash to a black screen error when the wifi is enabled. If I quickly disable it then it will remain on without crashing.
I have swapped out what I think is the wifi chip (under the small shield) from another board that wouldnt boot, but it didnt change anything (I did lose some pads during the swap, but they appear to be no-connects).
I did some measurements around the chip at the capacitors and resistors, but they seem to match up with a working board.
Has anyone had this issue before? Are there other chips that are related to wifi? Or specific pins I should check?


Yes I have the same issue right now I have ordered a new wifi chip in hope it fixes it but I am not to sure since when it broke 4 years ago I was biking home it started raining had my 3ds in the backpack and everything broke wouldnt turn on or anything but after a couple of repairs its somewhat working still gota fix the wifi chip problem but ill keep ya updated if it does fix the problem

Ah, interesting! Yeah, let me know if a chip swap helps for you.

I have a similar problem. I have a 3DS XL who crashes whenever I open the camera app. The camera cable has a teardown. So it may be that your wifi chip is simply broken. Try to replace it and see if it works.