2DS XL Spare Parts

I’ve picked up a 2DS XL that’s been snapped in half, with the top screen ribbon ripped in half.
So I think at the very least I’m looking at a new top screen and shell, perhaps hinges, except I’m having trouble finding a good shop with all the spares I’m looking for.

Can you recommend a online store for 2DS XL (LL) spare parts?
Ideally one that delivers to Europe?

Unfortunately, the only place I know of to get stuff like that is eBay. Just find a seller with a good feedback rating and you should be good.

Awesome thanks, I’ll look around.
And great job on the channel!

Thanks! Appreciate that.

Sorry man, one more for you on this one.
In general, do you know if any/many/all parts are interchangeable between the 3DS XL and the 2DS XL/LL?

Pretty much none of them are. There may be a few but not many.

Probably a few chips and internal buttons but you’d need to match them up and have the soldering skills maybe the screens too but don’t hold me on them