3 ds shows orange led light but wont charge / fuses?

Hey everyone
So basically my 3ds broke after 4 years I was coming back from school on bike it started raining and I had my 3ds in there dk if it actually got wet and when I got home it stopped working . Now im trying to fix it I got some progress done as it being useable with wireless disabled but thats not really a problem but my main problem is the fact it wont charge even though I recently bought a dock it says its charging with the led light but never does I think it might be a fuse could somebody tell me where I could buy a new fuse and how I can get access to the fuse inside the 3ds

Which model of 3ds is it?

It is the Original 1 ctr 003

Ah, I dont have one of those, but the 2DS XL has 2 fuses, one near the battery terminals and another by the charge port.