3d Analog Stick

I recently purchased some 3d analog sticks from amazon.ca (I’m in Canada), and when they’re moved to the outside edge they don’t automatically move to the centre, they get stuck. I remember reading the description on one product that it was normal until they’re installed, which I don’t believe.
Is this a result of poor quality, or is this normal, and they actually do work correctly when installed?
FYI, it was a set of 4 switches for like $10 CDN, so they are cheap. However, I don’t like buying 2 for the same price with a screwdriver which I have a full repair set so the screwdriver is garbage, just a waste to me.

Also, I have a client with a xbox elite series 2 controller with the “L3” button not responding (it won’t click)
these switches have a metal threaded stick vs the typical plastic found in a normal xbox or Playstation controller. And I’m unable to find a proper replacement for the stick, however I believe I can just take apart the switch and just replace the button.

This is normal. However there are lots of quality issues with these (fake ALPS) joysticks. Some have poor potentiometers and sometimes the joystick is not centered and you have to calibrate them by adjusting the angle of the potentiometer.

There are also different types of potentiometers and one type of joystick is not compatible with all types of controllers. I have not found good place to source these joysticks. I test them always beforehand and usually I have to throw away almost half of them.