3ds turns off if screen is clicked all the way back

Hey yall, i got this 3ds from ebay cuz my brother lost my original, anyway if i open the 3ds to where it doesnt click or only clicks to the 90ish degree angle i can play my games, but if it goes any further than that it makes a pop noise and turns off. Ive been able to play with the screen not fully open but every now and then the top screen falls back a little and kicks me off what im playing. Is this fixable?

It is either a loose top screen cable, or a torn one. It is fixable by replacing fhe screen, but its not easy.

Thank you, is it the ribbon cable you are talking about or something different?

Yes, I would usually expect an issue with the ribbon cable, either having been pulled out of the connector, or a small tear as it passes through the hinge. If the ribbon is damaged you would need to replace the whole screen though as it is attached at the screen end.