3DS XL not starting up

My son broke the hinge on my wifes’ 3ds xl so I ordered another hinge plate and went about fixing it. Now ideally I do not work on handhelds due to cramped work areas. Big hands and fat fingers make the process a nightmare. Hinge replacement became a top screen replacement when I accidentally tore the ribbon cable trying to get it back through the barrel hinge.

So while putting the new screen in it and getting it back together it refuses to turn on. Blue light kicks on for a second then right back off. It does not have CFW, it’s stock. I also broke one of the ground wires to a speaker. I did solder it back on but the job isn’t great. What could be causing the issue. Speaker, or maybe loose connection to the board?

After researching this a bit more I have come to the conclusion that it is the speaker cable causing the problem. I have new one on order and will update after install.

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Did that fix your issue? I had this same scenario and am curious if your fix worked!

Yes. The speaker cable was the issue. After replacement unit is back up and running. I will say that if you’re not used to working with delicate cables or cramped areas I wouldn’t attempt this without some prior experiance.

Perhaps the after market hinge plate isn’t moulded quite the same as Nintendo’s. After unit was assembled and tested to be functional. Any pressure around the buttons will shut the system off. Simple fix was to fold a piece of paper a few times and put it on top of the battery behind the cover plate. It works for the most part. Still will lose battery connection if slight torque is applied at the bottom left hand corner.

Glad to hear it worked! Unfortunately I have a lot of experience with this particular DSXL trying to resolve this issue. I am by no means, proficient, or good, or dexterous. :grimacing: And I have large fingers. so its a struggle!

I had the same issue with a regular DS (after market hinge and shutting off.) I ended up going with a different one and that issue resolved itself. But, the DS was so much easier to work on. :smiley:

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