3DS XL won't turn on

One day, the battery was really low and I took some time to charge it, but I managed to get in time and kept playing. Suddenly it turns off with a ‘pop’ sound and it didn’t turn back on.

I left it charging and it still doesn’t turn on.
The LED’s turn on in the beginning and then turn off, but I that’s maybe because it sees the battery full (?)

I thought that it could be a problem with the battery. So I took it to my university lab and used the multimeter to check the voltage and to check the continuity in two fuses. The fuses were fine and the voltage of the battery was above the nominal value, So I guess that it is fine, but still, I don’t know much about batteries to say this…

I don’t know if I described everything correctly or if it is enough, but have you ever come across a console with these issues?

Getting similar issue with my old 3ds xl


Any luck with your 3ds xl? I have the same problem. Thanks

For all of you:
This is a protection for the 3DS. It makes that when the 3DS or 3DS XL detects a faulty component, it turns off automatically. If you see the blue light, you can be sure it’s not the battery. Also, when you hear a clicking sound, it’s also a good sign that your speaker is not the faulty component. Try to check the screens cables, as well as the cameras. Make sure not to break anything. :kissing_smiling_eyes: