3v3 rails at 4.3V as soon as battery connected or USB plugged in

I have an OLED device here where the 3v3 rails that connects to M92T36 pin 6 measures about 4.3V as soon as I either connect the battery or insert a charger. Normally this rails should be at 0V until the power button is pressed.

What is the likely cause of this? Is further damage likely? In which order should I go about replacing M92, P13USB and BQ24193? Where is the 3v3 generated?

After some investigation the first replacement candidate will be the max77801ewp. This appears to be the 3v3 source on the oled.

I removed the chip first. After, voltage on the 3v3 rails dropped to 0.5V so indeed the 4.3V likely came from the bad regulator.
Farnell had them, so I ordered there, always nice to have stuff next day instead of waiting for a month for possible fake stuff arriving from China. Soldered it on the board and all was well.
So, if your 3.3V isn’t at correct level, suspect this chip before M92, P13 or BQ24193.