.46 Black screen, no BL and short just below M92?

I have checked the m92, p13, and charge port, no shorts besides the one I found.
I did replace the m92 and the dual channel mosfet above it. Still nothing, and this was before I shamefully found the short on that Cap.

Does anyone have any ideas? Ive been microsoldering a while so im confident with that, but im still very new to actually reading the board and understanding how to follow a component to the issue.

About to attach photo of related short.

It is not letting me post pictures?
These are the last letters for an imgur link like normal…

Sorry so many replies, still very new to using this lol

The capacitor right below the chip on its own is what I’m talking about. It has the 3 100k resistors to the left of it

Also, please ignore the sloppy cleaning job, was leaving work and didn’t use ipa to clean around the chip throughly, it looks like solder joints on the chip but there arent.

Found out some more, i checked the battery before and after being charged through the switch. I left it for about 10 minutes and came back, its value increased by about .12v on each red connector on the battery.
I checked m92 and pin 5 pulls 4.4 pin 6 pulls 0 with charger plugged in.