4k disc drive in a Pro

Is it possible to swap out the disc drive in a PS 4 Pro to a 4k drive ? And would it work ?
Because I’m thinking about trying to trick a Pro into thinking it’s a PS5 by installing the 5 O.S. into one ?
I’ve seen where this was done with a PS3 with a PS4 O.S. , but wouldn’t play PS3 games any more ! But I believe since the 5 plays 4 games this shouldn’t be an issue !
Also what do you think about dropping a Samsung 870 QVO 8tb ssd into the Pro ? By the measurements it should fit without a problem !

It would not work. And you 100% can not install the ps5s os onto a ps4 pro. It checks the os to make sure 1: its meant for the ps4, and 2: that its the same version or newer than the one that was last installed before even beginning to copy it to the console. And the ps4 os being installed onto the ps3 is 99.99% fake.

Tldr: its impossible to put a 4k blu ray drive in the ps4 pro.