.5a no display no power

Hi everyone, this is my first ever nintendo switch fix and i am already stumped…

I checked all the capacitors on both sides, no shorts, no water damage.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?
I would LOVE to have some help :slight_smile:

Hi, have you checked the battery voltage. Are if you’ve checked everything it could be possible that the cpu is is at fault.

I have checked the battery voltage and its at 4.98 v while plugged in. I even swapped out the battery from my personal switch. Still no display or fan spin.

just kidding it says 3.3volts.

Ok, I don’t really know what else you could check.

have you checked if console is in autorcm mode? sometimes even without shorts you have to replace some ic’s as MT92 or P13USB, you have to try to know…

how do i check if its in autorcm mode? Ive looked this up before and i havent found alot of info. I have the TegraRcmGUI installed. The switch is being detected as RCM okay. I can also push the power button on and off again to connect and disconnect the switch to my pc. Does this help any further…? Once i can figure out the AutoRCM thing, i will try replacing those IC’s

okay so just to try, i replaced the emmc chip with a known good one. Well now i have backlight, however i have no nintendo symbol. new hurdle.

if rcm ok then your switch probably is ok…

i recommend you to watch a few videos of how autorcm works so you can have an idea of this…