Ability to post links

I was working on a topic on how to source a part that is not easy to find currently. To my dismay I found I’m not able to post hyper-links when created topics. I can understand why but in this case it’s just a link to digikey for ordering a single SMD component unobtainable from any other source. Would it be possible to change this?

Unfortunately, the ability to post links is only for higher level members. That being said you can just post the link but break part of it so it’s not a clickable link

That mate is ingenius

Hey there,
@tronicsfix: Just as an info: when looking at the detailed descriptions of the badges, the “Basic” badge’s description already says that you can do quite a few things like private messaging, posting links etc. But, you can’t do most of the things with only that badge, you need the “Member” badge to do most of those things. Maybe that’s confusing for a few people. Also confused me a bit in the beginning. At least posting links or personal messaging definitely did not work for me with the “Basic” badge only.