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My ps4 slim won’t turn on at all. I tried cleaning it and fixing the power cord. But nothing is working.

My PS4 slim won’t let me get passed the setup part, when it seems like it is going to work it just ends up taking me back to setup screen. My understanding is it’s stuck on safe mode?
I have tried all options except connecting to internet for update.

My ps4 is not accepting disks any more it’s always showing the unrecognized disk logo and i just need help😞

My PS4 slim keeps overheating. I have tried to clean out the fan and the sides of the PS4 but nothing works. I can’t play a game without hearing it being loud and constantly with the overheating screen then it shuts itself off

I have a question about my PS4 slim it has a issue with the disk drive and is physically not taking disks in also it has a problem with updating as well ,the person I bought it off said to me it was because of the disk drive so if I replace it the update problem would fix can you please help me see the problem with it thanks

my ps4 slim won’t turn on and I don’t know it was really random and earlier it was charging my controller and now it won’t work at all like I can’t even get my disk out so I don’t know what to do