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Hi all, I have an XBOX One S, press power button beeps and logo lit, but turn off rigth away. My testings:

  • There is no short in the power conector (MOBO).
  • I tested all MOSFETs and are ok.
  • Magnify HDMI port and componenets near power conector in MOBO and it seems to be ok.
  • Tested power supply in other XBOX and it is ok.
  • Tested capacitors near MOSFETs and there are no shorts in there either.

Some one with a good advice?

Hi @tronicsfix so last night when i turned my xbox on i would get a E100 code and I don’t know what to do. Please help.

My Xbox one s digital version won’t cut on one I was trying to cut and like the white Xbox logo on the game and it just shut off and haven’t cut back on since

My question is about an Microsoft Xbox One S X896144-002 HDD Hard Drive SATA Connector Cable. I’m currently replacing the hard drive in this console and in this sata connector cable it looks like some pins are missing on it. the connector doesn’t look like it is damaged as pins are not shoved back or bent. Long story short I was wondering if thats the way the connector should be or if it needs to be replaced.