Adding Video Out to gamepad

As you know, the WII U comes in two parts. The console and the gamepad with the screen. I want to stream with my WII U but I can only capture what comes from the console (what we see on tv). But at the same time, some games display different content on the gamepad during gameplay. Maps, stats, whatever. I would like to be able to capture that as well.

My knowlegde of electronic is limited to some extend. What I was thinking is, since there is a LCD on the gamepad, could a mod allow us to “tap” into that connection to have it go to a HDMI plug so we could connect the gamepad into anything. In my head, that’s how it works. I’m sure it is not that simple.

I found a something that does that. It is USB, was done years ago and involved sending the gamepad to Japan and pay $200 to have it done. ( YouTube: (Tutorial) Direct Capture WiiU Gamepad!!! ) Maybe technology changed since then.

If this is a project you’d like to take on, I’d be willing to fund it. Who knows, maybe it could make for a fun YouTube video at the same time

it might be you can pick up the H264 stream somwhere on the board, but I have no idea where that is as I haven’t got a tablet handy

I haven’t looked into it and could be wrong but I think the tablet can be simulated on PC, which if it can would make video capture a far easier and simpler solution, so might be worth looking into :slight_smile:

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