Alienware m17 smd identification

Hi I have a m17 that was working great then while using it one day it shut off like it lost power . Upon inspection I found a chip and the one directly behind it to be burnt . Is there anyone who can identify the chip and recommend a compatible replacement?

It’s a 8 pin chip with fkj0041 stamped on it

The chips are where the ac power enters the motherboard

Are you able to post a picture showing the location of the chip?

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It’s pq701 on the mobo and the one directly behind it on the flip side

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Here is a pic of an identical one , it is also the other damaged one on the back of the board

From the marking ‘P21N03’ the mosfet is from taiwan producer Excelliance MOS Corp. and the specific model is: EMP21N03HC

Here is the datasheet:

Thank you so much!!! I ordered the mosfets and a hot air station from Amazon , and last night I took a crack at soldering for the first time… Low and behold the laptop is fixed!!! Thanks for the help!!