Alienware r17 laptop

Hey everyone

I brought a Aliemware laptop of my friend and all he told me is when he turns it on all he gets is 4 or 2 beeps which I know is a ramm issue

When opening it up I noticed the ramm slots had something spilt on it!!! Is there a easy way to repair this? Any help would great.

I do have a pic but when I try and add it says I can’t add it :slight_smile:

I think you have to have had a few posts before it allows you to upload, you should be able to upload it after a reply or two.

First thing to do is disconnect battery and power and refrain from powering the unit on until the problem is resolved. Ideally, after disconnecting power, you’d check the primary RAM voltage rail/s resistance relative to ground and note the reading, then proceed to clean up the slots with IPA… though this is really going to depend on the severity of the liquid damage, IPA might not cut it, particulaly if it was coke or similar, ideally you’d put the board in heated ultrasonic. after you’d take those same resistance readings again and see if they’ve changed.

It’s also possible the liquid has eaten away at the ports joints… but I’d worry about that later.