All controllers will not connect to Switch console wirelessly

For a while, all of my controllers for the switch will not connect wirelessly although USB-connected controllers and joycons physically connected do work fine, this issue is very spotty as well, so sometimes the controllers will connect and work wirelessly with no issue, then other times it just flat-out doesn’t connect wirelessly, no in-between. The system has been homebrewed in the past but is back to normal and there are no error codes that come up while trying to connect controllers wirelessly.

I’ve tried everything I could think of software-wise to fix this issue, being resyncing the controllers, rebooting the system, updating the controllers, factory resetting the system, and so on. I am lead on to believe this is a Bluetooth issue physically within the Switch Console itself and it not receiving the Bluetooth connection at all from the controllers while it’s having this hissy fit, and so I have ordered a new Bluetooth antenna to see if that resolves my issue.

If anyone has any other ideas on what may be the issue may be or know the solution to this problem, please let me know and I’ll do what I can to follow along and fix my system. I’ll update whether the antenna replacement works or not as well for those having the same issue.