Analogue Pocket replacement battery

Hey everyone,
I have been having issues with the battery life on my analogue pocket, with it not even lasting 2 hours with the brightness down to 50 percent. I have contacted analogue about getting a replacement battery, and was told to follow “battery health tips” to improve battery life. I have followed what they suggested without success to resolving my problem and decided to email them about purchasing a battery from them. However, they just ghosted me. Does anyone know where I can purchase a battery?

For further reference, when I looked up the battery number, I got referenced to a battery from the global source website (for some reason, I can’t post a hyperlink or photos on the post). The reference number of the battery is 973133-#0381

However, these are sold in batches of 3000, which each battery costing 10 dollars. Besides this link, I have been having trouble finding a comparable battery or one of the former batteries being sold as singles. So if you or anyone else reading this post is able to find a comparable battery that could work in the analogue pocket, I would greatly appreciate it.