Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Console Not Charging

Hello! I’m looking for some feedback on my issue although I have an idea of what it probably is. So my new switch decided that it wasn’t going to charge anymore, whether it be by cable or dock. The system itself works fine, just can’t seem to charge. I did try various hard reset methods, try different ac cables, ac cables in different outlets, without any luck. I did take a look inside. There is no water damage or corrosion. The charge port doesn’t appear to have any problems with the pins. I thought maybe the battery had an issue but verified it wasn’t the battery itself as plugging in the battery into another switch charges it. So with the charge port looking fine, no water damage/fall damage, and the battery still working, I’m assuming that I’ve got a short in one of the circuits? If that’s the case i’m assuming it was a bad chip from the beginning since the console is only 3 weeks old.

Just an update here in hopes that this helps someone else out. So I opened up the console and tested the capacitors for shorts which I found none. I ended up putting the system together and calling Nintendo to create a service ticket for the console. Tried using a can of air on the charge port and that had no effect. Pretty much gave up on trying to fix it here. Had about 10% battery left, played a little Tetris until it was at 1%, when I decided to go through my system settings and noted a couple of different things (battery has a serial number…?), but decided to clear my cache from the system since it was supposed to be going in for repair. That done, I thought I would try the charge cable one more time and surprisingly, my switch has decided to charge again, both with cable and while in dock. Not sure if it’s a permanent fix but the only thing that I did was clear the cache. Not sure why this would have an impact on the systems ability to charge if that was the case. Switch firmware version 10.0.0 also came out, but I don’t think it updated automatically so that probably wasn’t it. Hope this helps anyone out with their charging problems!