Any other fix for left joycon not locking?

I have a Nintendo switch pro, the first release. As soon as I bought it the left joycon wouldn’t stay locked. Couldn’t return or exchange because there was no stock at the time. I figured it was the common problem with the plastic piece and thought I could fix it later after researching how (first time doing anything like it but was easy!) before any fixes I must preface that it connects just fine it’s just that it’s extremely easy to slide up and disconnect.

•I exchanged the plastic lock for a solid metal one. The right joycon feels a lot more secure. •However the same problem persisted with the left one. Looking more into it I assumed it was the track. I managed to swap one out and still the same problem.
•Assuming it was the control malfunction I used several other controllers to test it and every single one is unable to lock in correctly.
One solution I did mishap upon was double springs on the metal lock. (I accidentally had two stuck together with out realizing) the problem with that solution was that it’s very difficult to remove. It feels like a lesser of two evils but I don’t feel like I should have to chose if there’s a solution.

Has anyone encountered this problem? What are some fixes that don’t include doubling up micro springs? Thanks!