Anyone know which bluetooth part in JDM-055 Board DS4 Controller?

Hey guys, i want to discuss about something. So i got this DS4 controller from my friends and it works well on PC and PS3 with cable connection but when i connect it to the PS4 it won’t connect even if i connect it using the cable, it’s like orange light which mean it does charge but when i press the PS button it only flashing White and won’t connect. I already tried different cable, different port, PS Button+Share button method, last thing i notice when i go to setting>device>bluetooth device it does recognize the DS4 but there’s no green dot on the left. So i tried using different controller, forget the device and connect it again but to no avail. The strange thing is when i go to safe mode, the controller does work with cable but if i going to the PS4 Home it won’t work again. I already tried rebuild the database but nothing work. So in desperate, i think maybe the one that faulty is the hardware which mean the bluetooth part on the board, but i can’t locate any chip that represent the bluetooth part. So i hope you guys can give me some hint about the bluetooth part. FYI the controller board type is JDM-055. Thank you guys and i hope somebody will help me.