Anyone worked on LiteOn power supply (PSU)?

Hi there,
As title states, I believe I got a bad PSU, I got nothing going out of it, while it seems the 12V should be permanent on it (saw that in a video, plus the connectors are very basic, 5 pins +12, 5 pins GND, and another little cable with 2 pins 12/GND.
So I ordered a compatible PSU from AliExpress but I would still want to work on that dead PSU, especially as I tend to think the compatible AliExpress is junk but what other choice would I have out of warranty?!

Problem is I don’t really know where to start, I can tell the fuse is ok, and power goes at least until the giant caps (350V tested).
I tested it with thermal cam but nothing very interesting I think, there’s an IC heating but I think too little to be a short (~30°C).

As it seems power is cut somewhere, could I inject a voltage on the 12V pins or is it a stupid idea?

Hello. I would suggest de-energizing the PSU board and then see if you can find any shorts on the board with a multimeter. I myself do not enjoy working on PSUs. Really dangerous and I don’t trust myself that much. But, hope my suggestion helps and gets others into the conversation.