Apparently dead Switch (might be come caps?)

First of all excuse me if I write something wrong, I just do my best trying to write in English :confused:

Hi everyone and congratulations. All of you guys have made a great forum with a great community, lots of help, support and tricks for our consoles.

Now, I have a Nintendo Switch that apparently is dead. I just left it at standby mode and battery just went empty. A few weeks later, I plugged it in to the charger but there’s no display and console does not turns on. I’ve checked some things like:

  • CPU gets a bit warm while conected by USB C to the computer and Nintendo charger, so something works there.
  • Battery charges
  • There are some caps near M92T36 IC that have strange values, so I think they are leaking. (I will upload a pic soon)

What would you recommend me to try or check next?

I’ve been checking and just seen console does turn on and off, because the windows 10 noise. But still with no display.

I measured voltage between pad 36 of M92T36 and ground, where suposely should be about 5v and the resulting voltage was decreasing from about 0.9v to finally 0.35v. I don’t know where those 0.35v come…

I just keep on shearching.

Here is the pic!


can you launch hekate ?

was your switch on autorcm mode?

I have never used it, but i will try tomorrow.

No, i think it is not on autorcm, but i will check it tomorrow, because i’m not sure.

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