Apps freeze as soon as i click on them ( PS4 original)

I have a PS4 original which i didn’t use for a few months when I was out of town for work. when I came back I realised some buttons on my controller weren’t working ( left and up on the D-pad, L2 keeps sticking, R1 doesn’t work) basically the controller seems kaput. but I can still manoeuvre the menu window of the ps4. As soon as I open an app, it goes to the title screen but then freezes, it won’t even allow me to use the existing working buttons to move. I thought of buying another controller ( am not sure if it will solve the problem) but I was thinking of just moving onto the ps5 when it’s readily available too. So just wanted to check before I spend more money on the ps4 if anyone had a similar problem and this solution would work. (I don’t know anyone close to me with a ps4 whose controller I can borrow to check)