Are flooded consoles salvageable?

A couple years ago my area was flooded. The standing water lasted for multiple days. I lost quite a few game consoles in it, including a PlayStation 2, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance SP, DS Lite, and a 3DS. Could any of these be salvaged? None of them work at the moment. I have a lot of fond memories on these consoles and I want to save them if it’s possible, since buying a new one just wouldn’t be the same.

Yeah it’s entirely possible they’re repairable.

You should remove all batteries from all the portable consoles asap. and don’t apply power.

The LCD’s on these console may or may not be recoverable depending on whether liquid got in between the layers, if they don’t then it’s a bonus.

If you need any help with the board repairs on these just post some pics and either me or others can help in diagnosing and resolving any potential faults :smiley:

Side note, don’t clean the board without first taking high res pics front and back, the corrosion will provide clues as to the fault and cleaning at this stage would erase our clues.