ASUS 3090 GPU Internal Fault

My good buddy gave me, yes gave me, his ASUS rog strix 3090 because it got an internal fault and he had no interest in getting it fixed or even investigating it. I told him I was interested in at least trying to fix it and he said go ahead.

When we got the card on first power attempt the rgbs illuminate then shut off and if you reset power fully they will consistently do that. So we know the gpu get some sort of signal. My other buddy and I took it apart and found two resistors, one completely blown and the other cracked. We decided to spend the $80 to send it to Asus for diagnostics, in the hopes they would tell us that it was just bad resistors and we would have them send it back and we would replace them ourselves.

Well today we got bad or better said no news. Asus just told us the repair would cost $1800 and that is was customer caused damage. No description of the issues of the card. We told asus to just send it back to us and we plan to just replace the resistors and hope that the card works. My buddy had used the card, normal use not over clocked for just basic gaming (wow, diablo 3, etc) nothing crazy for almost 2yrs before the card failed.

My question to you guys is do you think k the resistors will fix it and/or is there somewhere else we could send the card to be looked at or other things we can check?

Thank you all in advance.