ASUS 4K 144hz Monitor started flickering, it's 1 year out of warranty

I’ve got an ASUS PG27UQ 4k 144hz g-sync monitor that failed earlier this year and I’ve since replaced it with a Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo with moderate satisfaction. Going from 2160p to 1440p hasn’t been great.

The ASUS monitor has a cooling fan that started to make a noise a month or 2 before the actual monitor failed, so I’m hoping it’s a matter of a chip that got too hot and could use a re-balling or maybe even a heat gun treatment.

I really don’t want to let this thing go, so I’m hoping i can take a stab at it sometime this spring/summer but would love to see if there’s any documentation or an ASUS repair center I send it to in the event I’m over my head.

You probably just need a new display cable. Have you tried that? I had the same issue and a new cable fixed it.

Sadly, I wish it were that simple.

The issue was present with the OSD regardless of what input was used. Replacing cables is usually the first step in troubleshooting if I have them available. I’m this case, display port and HDMI presented the same issue.

Thanks for the tip though.