Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 that Microcenter damaged by replacing GPU/CPU fans

I have a 2021 ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 laptop purchased new from Bestbuy with the extended warranty but just ended last year and my GPU fan crapped out on me. I mostly used it for light gaming and had a cooling pad during long gameplay sessions. I continued to use the computer after the GPU fan stopped working for normal use that didn’t require heavy GPU requirements until I was able to save enough money to build a desktop PC. I went to Microcenter to have them order the fan for me since I provided the troubleshooting(GPU fan showed 0RPM). A week later, they told me their supplier has discontinued the fans. I was able to find a combo GPU and CPU fan set on Amazon which exactly matched the P/N on the laptop. They ok’d me ordering them so I brought everything to the store so they could start the repair. (I am knowledgeable enough to replace the fans but I didn’t want to deal with the liquid metal for the cooling pipes. I only know how to apply the perfect amount of thermal paste.) I asked one additional favor from them which was to replace the CPU fan while they’re in there so while waiting on both fans to be replaced, I was sourcing parts at the store to build the desktop that I was saving up for. I received a call from the tech saying the GPU fan header broke off during the install. I said no worries since I am not using the laptop for gaming anymore. They proceeded with the CPU fan replacement while I continued shopping and purchased desktop parts. Went back to the repair area and was talking to the tech about the replacement and noticed all the wiring connectors was unplugged from the repair process. The tech plugged everything back in so I turned the laptop on assuming the the CPU fan replacement was successful.

2 days later I’m back up there to drop the laptop off due to overheating and crashing. The CPU does not work now…Dropped it off with the original used fans and waited 3 days for the original tech to come in a repair it. I received a text saying its good. Went back up there, powered laptop back on and immediately noticed CPU fan 0RPM. It’s not fixed…they gave me a full refund from the labor hours I paid them. They said they will have a different tech look at it. 3 weeks later, I went back up blindly waiting without a update and they are saying the motherboard is faulty. I countered saying its only faulty b/c of the install and the tech could have blown a fuse or capacitor serving the CPU fan.

Long story long, 5 trips to Microcenter resulted in my laptop motherboard needing replacement due to their negligence and they cannot order it from their vendor since its discontinued. Not sure what else to do. Having watching your YT channel for the last year, I am guessing that my analysis might be accurate in saying something small but painful to replace is the new culprit. Thanks for any input provided that can aid in fixing the laptop.