Asus TUF Dash F15 Laptop not working

i was putting in a new ram stick and on the
service guide told me how to do it but while i was removing the battery from its plug. The metal part of it like the sheet suddenly touched a capacitor on top and it suddenly had sparks. Ive ready before that it wouldnt take much to damage somethig like that but when i finished up, and decided to open it. lts not opening, not responding and im panicking and i dont
know what to do

i went to the nearest repair shop and they didnt really bother checking inside when i told them that the motherboard had sparks. The pic below shows the part that had sparks and the metal sheet that caused it

I have tried plugging it in but i dont even get a charge light, Ive reseated the ram and reseated the plugs on the battery. I havent tried the cmos reset yet and im scared to do anything else. I dont know what else i can do to solve it

ASUS battery connector metal latch spark is well known boom trigger. The spark definitely made something wrong in your motherboard, and you need to find professional who is able to do board repair.

other than taking it to a professional, is there anything else i can do at home? though i dont have a multimeter to check if its taking any power in, but i tried leaving it connected to the charger to see if theres any heat from any part of the motherboard no changes nor any heat coming from any component

That would not fix anything but ead to more issue in most case.
Multimeter is just one of the must-have tool for troubleshooting. You will need soldering iron, hot air station and thermal camera in the end to start the real deal in board repair.