Atx psu spark from wires ps4 now has blue light of death

hello so I had been using a pc style atx power supply with the correct wire’s wired to all the correct point’s on an saa-001 model motherboard after following a blogspot guide on how to do so but one little thing caused a big problem and the blue light of death came right after it…one or more of the wire’s I was using to connect to the five pin power supply cable connection’s came loose and I saw a spark…after trying to start the ps4 again I had the blue light of death…I hope I can get it to start again and get more information from someone and a multimeter is on the way…thank’s

well… use contnuity mode and check the fuses ( marked on logc board F*** or TH** ) and hope that you didint killed south bridge

after I got my multimeter in the mail I noticed it doe’s not have the continuity symbol only the diode symbol but after searching more result’s say I can turn the dial to the lowest resistance or ohm setting which look’s like 200 on my multimeter to do a continuity test and when you made your post I think it blocked part of what you were typing…the F*** or TH** area’s you were talking about on the motherboard got blocked out in text so I did not know which of those area’s to test?

The fuses on the board are marked with Fxxxx or THxxxxx (x represent various numbers). Look for the markings F5101 - F5104 and TH2001 - TH5201 check each fuse for continuity.

I am not able to get my multimeter to beep and did a probe test or touching the red and black probe’s together but it look’s like it might not beep in resistance or diode mode after further google search so without the continuity beep maybe someone might still be able to understand the reading’s I saw on the screen:F5101=measurement goes up to one digit then back down to “1 .” and stay’s there
F5102=measured around -18.1 ohms
F5103=measured around -18.3 ohms
F5104=measured around -18.3 ohms
TH2001=measured around -18.3 ohms
TH5201=measured around -18.3 ohms

What is your ohms reading if you touch both probs together?

the reading’s are around the same reading’s if I touch both prob’s together at around -18.3 ohms

change F5101 , in worst case scenario - make a jumper

ok I will change f5101 but before I do I’m curious I have a donor saa-001 motherboard and am wondering if I could use fuse F5104 from the donor saa-001 to replace the F5101 fuse I desoldered…I only have so man part’s and am looking online also?

Should be fine to use that fuse from a donor board

I tested the motherboard yesterday and it beeped once while the blue light stayed on for one second and then shut off so it still has the blue light of death…now I wonder what I should test next? I am also going to switch multimeter’s soon hopefully as I have to wait and I found one with the sound or waveform like symbol on it so it should beep unlike the multimeter I have now…I will check back here for suggestion’s on what I could test next while I wait

just a head’s up 20 day’s later for people who are wondering I got the second multimeter in the mail with the continuity waveform symbol…after testing the saa-001 motherboard I want to use some more I noticed two more part’s that did not have continuity or generate a continuous beep…a part or fuse with what look’s like “222” printed on it and another possible fuse with the print “102” they were both near the print “TH3302” and “TH3303” on the motherboard…I was going to take the same fuse’s from the saa-001 donor board I was using to take part’s from as replacement fuse’s but it look’s like the fuse’s on the donor board are not giving a continuous beep either so I cannot use those…maybe I will try to use jumper wire as wikitech stated earlier even though thinking the regular fuse’s would be the best to replace with now I will search a bit about making the jumper’s also as I do not know how to test to see if southbridge is dead I really hope not doe’s anyone know where to touch with the probe’s to for sure test the southbridge on an saa-001 motherboard