Audio quickly lags a few seconds

So my PS5 is about 2 years old now and hasn’t given me any problems until about two months ago now. At first, it only happened every 4 to 6 days, but would stop once I restarted. But now I can’t play for more than an hour without my audio suddenly being a couple seconds off of the video. I don’t exactly know if it’s the PlayStation that would be causing this issue or could it be my HDMI 2.1 wire or what? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Sounds more like an heat issue. I would check if the cooling system is ok.

Ok I decided to go through every setting again and managed to resolve my situation….so far haha.

So about two months ago I borrowed my cousins sound bar while he was away for a week and had it hooked up via an optical line. I think back now and realize that I had to switch the PS5’s audio format to Linear PCM in order for there to be no lag to the bar through my hdmi then the optical. I just saw this about an hour ago and switched it back to Dolby Audio and so far so good.

What’s the difference between Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio though, do you know? Thanks for your input by the way bud!! This shit has been driving me up a fuckin wall for weeks lol.

Good to know.

Dolby Audio = 2D
Dolby Atmos = 3D (virtual)