Backlight only 50%

Hi all,

I’m having a weird issue with the backlight of a Nintendo Switch Lite. The switch was damaged by a damaged original Nintendo charger (bent pins inside) which let to a 2101-0001 error, a bad M92 chip and a burnt up fpc connector. So I replaced the M92 and the connector and the switch was working again. Now comes the weird part. It appears that the screen brightness doesn’t go further than 50%. Changing the brightness between 50 and 100% does not seem to make any difference. I also tested it with a working switch lite and that one is way brighter on 100% brightness… I measured the voltage on the backlight and it only measures 15.7v on full brightness (which should be around 17v). Another issue which occurs is that when I put in a charger, the screen starts to turn off and on rapidly, but when I lower the brightness to 50% this dissappears…

Does anybody know what the cause of this all can be? Can a faulty backlight ic cause this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Can you place the mainboard into the switch lite that has a functioning lcd and backlight to rule that out first?

Maybe for others who run into the exact same issue. I replaced the backlight ic and backlight inductor and everything is working fine now :slight_smile: