Bad M92T36? No boot. 1 bad cap

I have a Switch that would not boot. Flashing green light when docked.

All the caps around the M92T36 tested fine except for one smaller cap. It wouldnt let me upload the image here but there are 3 caps above the chip and one smaller cap to the right of them, the smaller cap is laid across instead of up and down like the other 3.

Does this smaller cap mean the M92T36 chip is bad? Or is it something else? On most of the videos I watched, usually it’s the larger caps that test bad if the power chip is bad.

Here’s a picture of the cap:

remove the cap and see if the short goes. alternatively remove the M92 IC and see if the short goes. If it does replace the M92

i would start removing that ic M92, it’s almost sure that it is the problem…

Removed the chip and short went away. Just ordered a new chip off ebay. Hopefully it doesnt come back once the new chip is put in. Thanks guys.

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don’t worry, it will work…!

So I put in the new M92 chip and now I have a screen. But it only loops between the battery icon (without lighting symbol) and the Nintendo logo.

I checked around the M92 chip and this time 2 new caps near the bottom went bad. I think those caps mean a bad video chip?

Also I lost a cap to the right of the chip. I read that it’s a bypass cap and not important.

Could someone give me info on if I have a bad video chip and if that cap is unimportant? Thanks.

(the red caps are the shorted caps and the blue cap is the missing cap)


The M92 can be tricky to place. Too much solder on the centre pad can give you inconsistent connections on the pins as the chip is raised too high. Can you get a good close look along the edges and confirm you have no voids under the pins?

I took the M92 off and the new shorts were still there so my guess is that I put it on wrong somehow and that messed up the other chip on the back.