Bad regulator IC? - MAX77812EWB

Hello, first time poster and honestly my first repair on a Switch. Background to this problem: error code 2101-0001 when trying to turn on or charge. All caps around MT92T36 were good, no shorts to ground. Fuse is good, coil is good. I started poking around and assuming these are actually capacitors, these three were all shorted to ground surrounding the MAX77812 IC. This is a CPU - 01 board. I don’t see much information surrounding these IC’s going bad, but the ‘customer’ stated that he believes this problem stemmed from using 3rd party cheap chargers. Has anyone had any instances like this? In your case has it been the IC itself causing the shorts?

Any help is much appreciated!

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It’s not letting me embed or post a link to the picture, so unsure how to show you all what capacitors I am referencing.

https: // ibb. co/ PNhBY9j

If you really having short around max77812. You won’t even able to see 2101-0001 message on the screen.
Those components around 77812 mostly goes to TEGRA APU,which is normal to have very low(less than 50 ohm) resistance to ground

Any for the 2101-0001 error code. I would no brain replacing m92t36 with a known good or new one

Thank you, I will go ahead and replace that chip. I actually saw that diagram you posted above in another thread and was measuring values around that IC. I will report back after i’ve replaced the m92t36.