Battery Not Charging

Sounds good. I will check if one of my friends has a multimeeter. It might be a bit before I get back with any new info.

Also, thanks for all the help and the quick replies up to this point!

I talked with all my friends in the area and none of them have a multimeeter. Will the charge meter that is coming in be able to help or is there something else I should get to help determine the issue?

I got in the charge meter and it reads almost no current pulled. I have attached a picture below. Does this means that it is most likely either the M92T56 chip or the USB C port.

Both readings were the same both with and without the battery.

It s normaly the reading you get without battery. Do you have an other battery or the posibilty to charge the battery extern?

I do not have a charger for the battery, but picked up a new one on amazon. It should be coming in Tuesday so I will be able to get more info then.

I got the new battery in and I have the following new information:

  • The charge meter showed the same reading before while in AutoRCM
  • Console was in AutoRCM
  • TegraRcmGUI now recognized my console
  • I re-attached eMMC and removed AutoRCM
  • I can boot to Nintendo and plugging in the charger shows it as charging (same behavior as before removing the Trinket M0)
  • The charge meter showed the following after booting to switches os (this is off computer so not fast charging)

From here I am letting it charge and seeing if the battery percentage goes up. If it does my plan is to carefully pry off the old battery and use some of the padding from the old battery on the new one with some double sided tape to hold it down. Do you have other suggestions to test while this battery has partial charge (35%)?

Battery percentage has gone up 10% (over ~10-15 minutes) so it is successfully working now on all fronts that I see (USB-C data, Charging, Booting to Nintendo Switch OS instead of AutoRCM). I have removed the old battery and attached the old padding to the top of the battery. Now I just need to wait for double sided tape to come in to hold it in place. Do you have any recommendations on things to check before reassembling everything?

Edit: Clarified charging percentage

Nice to here that you found the problem.
So it was a classic auto rcm caused by a drained battery while using cfw.

But I don t understand, why TegraRCM didn t recognized the Switch.

I would check the if the Joy-Cons are working before closing the housing. Maybe it s me, but I had two times the problem, that I didn t connect the ribbon cable correct. And so ein had to disassemble it again. :wink: