Battery thermistor connections (hot battery detected)

Hey there!
My Switch won’t charge after replacing the BQ24193. Bootking to Hekate under Console Info I see it says that the battery IC (the BQ) reports battery being “Hot”.
Looking at the datasheet I can see that the BQ has two pins (TP1 and TP2) that are connected to the battery thermistor via some voltage divider. However I do not see this being correctly connected on my device. If I’m not mistaken, the thermistor (gray cable in the battery connector) should be connected to TP1/2 pins in the BQ and to two resistors (next to the pins) to work properly. However I see they are not connected. See the picture attached (yellow arrows).

Are those two testing points supposed to be connected on a working device? Can someone with a healthy device report back?


Thank you very much!