Best usage of ultrasonic cleaner

Hi guys, hope you are all doing good ? I am coming back to you to talk about ultrasonic cleaner. So far i had a good opportunity of buying a heated 6l ultrasonic cleaner device but to be honest, i haven’t used it so far. I am still not sure about the product to use to clean our Nintendo Switch or any other electronic board that would be the best fit for it. So far, i wanted to use this product, which isn’t acid based :écial-alcalin-automobiles/dp/B097F2QWX3?pd_rd_w=zrHhm&pf_rd_p=f149513d-7c0f-489e-9ceb-816742fb4b12&pf_rd_r=QENTQVWYE91GVJB2PG3F&pd_rd_r=9a433aee-1bc9-4651-9dd7-b2eb37f51719&pd_rd_wg=6oRpd&pd_rd_i=B097F2QWX3&psc=1&ref_=pd_bap_d_rp_1_t but i am not sure if there isn’t something better. Anyone using such cleaning method with advice ?

Is what I use… avoid anything which s bright blue/yellow/green as it’s lkely just repackaged/branded sceen/glass cleaner, which contains pure Ethanol (in some form or fashion) which I hear bare die IC’s don’t like… I’ve had no issues with the Chemtronics and it seems to be the next best thing to Branson within the EU

I’m not joking, but there is a “big” UK company here selling a glass cleaner as an ultrasonic solution with their label slapped on the front, daylight robbery doesn’t even cover it…

I don’t know if you saw the semi recent MyMateVince video of a macbook repair, well it seemed to me he was using a rebadged glass cleaner which disolved the poly tops of some bare die IC’s and left them floating, this is just one of the potential issues

I quickly checked and noticed what you are referring to. I will include the same cleaner as you advised in my next Mouser order. Let’s see :wink: Cheers.

Ouch, I just noticed the price and it’s more than doubled since I last got some… at least it’s a concentrate and lasts ages I suppose

Yeah, don’t tell me, i assume that you can give some “bath” before having to replace the product hopefully, you indeed have to mix it with distilled water for 1:10, that’s already something at least…

I’ve found after a few months of constant use that the batch in the ultrasonic goes a bit murky and dust and fluff from boards settles to the bottom, even still I don’t find the solution any less affective. What I find happens is a good percentage evaporates over the months fron the ultrasonic heating element… you can run the remainder through a coffee filter into a container, clean the tank, dump the filtered stuff back in and then just top up the remainder with fresh distilled or deionized water and solution mix