Best way to repair 3 out of warranty PS5 controllers?

As the title states. I have been running 3 controllers since the launch of the PS5. This in most cases would be a positive to rotate wear. However. Checking today as the last of the three is starting to act up on its right thumb stick.

I have no option but to look outside of playstation repairs. As all of the controllers are out of warranty. Which defeats the whole idea of rotating their use. For other records. The left thumb stick is drifting awfully on one. And the other controllers R2 Trigger is now a hair trigger and will go off with the slightest touch.

Any suggestions would be great.

Open up the controller with the analog stick drift. Carefully pull the defective potentiometer away from the analog stick, take out the round slide contact out and check the contact surface on the potentiometer for wear. If wear is visible exchange the potentiometer for one with the same resistance! (There are different ones)

At the both R2 Triggers I would check, if the spring is in place.