Black screen - 0.05Amps - shorted pad next to bq ic - img below

Hey guys,

got a switch here which draws 0.05 amps. Replaced is Port and m92t ic as usualy it fixes this problem. Still 0.05 amps. I guess I missed a shorted pad next to bq ic. Where does this pad leads to?


I dont know directly, but might be worth just poking around on the max 17050 fuel gauge IC, it sits on the opposite side of the board (highlighted in blue above) from BQ.

This is your SYS rail afair, plenty of topics showing where abouts this said rails go’s (everywhere)

CPU buck might be my first port of call with the BQ IC removed, and also checking no bent LCD connector pins (which can often cause subsequent faults on this rail)


Found a post from you where you suggested to inject voltage. Found a bad cap. Had to reflow the ram also. Hac CPU 01 saved!. Thx!!!


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Nice work, glad you got it sorted. Make sure to test it thoroughly on a high intensity game on and off for the next couple of weeks to make sure a more serious problem doesn’t rear it’s ugly head (semi common when SoC/Ram issues come to the surface and given the age of these boards at this point) :+1:

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That was input cap on the ENxx DC2DC buck I guess, less chance influenced down to the 3.3v rail IMO

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Well done on the tracking down the short! Out of curiosity, how much voltage did you use?

Since it’s Vsys rail max 4.3v-ish. You can use any from 0~4.25v but usually 1~1.5v is good and safe enough

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1 volt 1 ampere…“needs to be 20 caracters to post”

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