Black Screen, 0.4A, No shorts, stuck at AutoRCM, does not respond to payload

Hello Everyone,

I would just like to ask if anyone has any other ideas to fix this tablet I won at a local auction.

Current Status:
-No display, stuck in black screen, backlight on
-Does not charge
-USB multimeter reading at 4.99v 0.4A
-Gets detected by TegraRCM in the PC.

Things I have checked
-Checked all caps, no shorts in the board
-Responds to certain payloads but only at black screen.
-Hekate, Atmos = no response, SX OS, Memloader, lockpick, = backlit turns on but stays that way, no further display
-Tried a good board on the said switch, battery, digitizer, screen is Okay
-Tried the board with issue in the other parts(known good battery, screen, digitizer) = same no response.
-Unplugged battery, connected to PC = detected by TegraRCM
-I currently Have the BisKeys using Lockpick,
-Full Nand Backup using NxNANDManager
-Questionable Boot0/1 using memloader, and dumped it via win32diskmgr
-Tried manual image rebuild using choidujour manual upgrade,
-Entropy Checks out with with the keys but still nothing nothing after the OS recovery.

Do you have any ideas what else I can check?

Thanks and Regards

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I suspect the M92T36 chip and i would turn my attention to it to make measurements on pins 5 and 6 to see what voltages i have there with the charger attached to the switch. And of course if there are capacitors in short around it. You can also check P13USB and everything around it from filters to capacitors.

Thank you for the response, I was guessing you’ll be the one to answer this query as well. :slight_smile:
As I measured the pins 5 and 6 of M92T36 they are at 3.21-28 and 3.29 respectively when charger is plugged in. I checked all the caps around the all of the chips I have not found one that’s shorted. But I will try to check again for shorts. Do you think replacing M92T36 or P13USB will help? I’ll try to buy replacement chips? Thank you again for the response.

M92T36 seems to be ok. The eMMC memory is ok? See if it is properly fitted in the motherboard. Are there any signs of corrosion?

Hey ih have the exact same Problems. How could u resolve them? Iam an electrian and its my first try to repair a Nintendo Switch. It should be for my little sister.

The chips seems fine.

Anyone can help me?

Thanks for every help! :slight_smile: