Black screen after injecting payload

Hello friends, I have an NS in my hands with a problem that I don’t know what it can be, it is in auto rcm, when I inject the payload Tegra recognizes 0x7000 (green serial), but the screen is black, so I took one emmc from another console that had auto rcm disabled and when I try to start the blue screen (normal, it means it tries to start), but if I try to inject the payload the screen remains black even though tegra successfully accusing 0x7000

I did a test trying to inject the payload without the SD card connected to the console, and this error appeared, threw me to hekate 5.5.4, when I try to disable autorcm, it says “failed to init emmc”

I think you have two potential issues, I think your first issue is an inability to launch graphical Hekate which may be a Ram/SoC related, try the Biskeydump payload instead and see if you see graphical glitching to verify.

The second potential issue would appear to be the EMMC module itself, take a close look at the modules PCB and inspect the vias for corrosion, it’s not uncommon for them to erode away completely. Either that or it’s because of the first potential issue with SoC that the EMMC cannot be read on this board.

Also, don’t connect another boards EMMC to this troubled board as you just risk burning update fuses which makes recovery more troublesome, these modules are not interchangeable as the data on them is tied to the SoC

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I injected the biskeydump and the screen crashed and then it went black

did you solved this issue?