Black screen, no charge

I have myself a switch that recently refused to turn on. I was originally under the impression that it was because I left it on the dock, and now I’m unsure.

When plugging in the official power adapter there would be no charge display. Tested what I could of the chips and didn’t see any irregularities. Tried a battery swap as well. Obviously, nothing I can think of seems to have worked.

Since I don’t have most of my soldering equipment anymore I decided to send it out to a repair guy, and they replaced quite a few things just to double check, M92 chip, USB-C port and BQ charging IC. However, they think it’s the APU/RAM and refuse to go from there.

What equipment should I re-purchase to replace the chips?

SEND IT TO ANOTHER REPAIR GUY who knows Nintendo Switch repair.
Too many ppl attempt to fix it themselves and potentially make it worse.

Know anyone? I’m fresh out of ideas. Most people I contact say they only do battery replacement.