Black screen with artifacts


I had some free time and gave my switch another try. The initial situation was: removed PI3USB and M92T36 pin 6 capacitor. It booted fine in handheld mode.

I wanted to install a new PI3USB. My soldering skills suck unfortunately, so I managed to damage a pin (the one connected to the backside GND of the chip) and accidentally remove a nearby cap as well (I only noticed it after installing the chip). After soldering them both, I put it back together. The console seem to boot but I get a black screen with colorful vertical lines. I have backlight and sound. I tried docking the console, the green led is on but no image.

To try to narrow down the issue I removed the PI3USB again , but now I get the same issue. I disassembled and reassembled it again with no luck. Where should I look? I don’t see damage on the LCD cable pins, however it is a bit difficult to push into the connector.

take a look at the LCD connector and double check you didnt bend / break any pins inside the connector. Quite easy to do.

I don’t see suspicious pins here. Maybe that bend at the edge of the cable, but the conductor part looks intact. Also I don’t measure short with the neighnbouring pins.

the cable def looks as little suspect on that one end, but I mean the actual FPC connector (the piece the cable plugs into) not the ribbon itself. Considering how chewed up that cable looks, it makes me even more suspect of something being bent on the connector.

There it is. I’ll try to bend it back tomorrow. Is there a good practice for this? A needle maybe?

Ive had the best luck using the tip of a hobby knife (xacto blade) to manipulate those pins. I do feel I need to point out that its going to be a coin toss on whether or not you can repair the pin. In most cases, replacing the connector itself is what needs to be happen. Those pins are super fragile to start, and there is not enough room to get solid leverage to rebend it. You risk damaging surrounding pins and / or snapping off the bent pin entirely. Even if you do manage to get it back in position, it will never be 100% and there is a high chance the next cable insertion will push it back out of place.

It doesnt hurt to try, but I would keep replacing the whole thing as the proper solution in your mind. Its not the easiest job, but not the hardest either. This connector is just a royal PITA on all fronts.

I bent it back but still doesn’t work, so I’ll order a new one and replace it.

yeah, that sucks, but its the best solution in the end.