Blank display while using handheld

So my switch screen is completely blank but if put into dock everything functions normally. I tried replacing the LCD with a new one and same issue. not sure what else to try from here.

Hmmm…this is a strange one…usually it’s the other way around where it won’t work in docked mode. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a fix for this but hopefully someone else who reads this will. Please update if/when you find a fix for this.

It is very likely the screen is gone rather than a chip because if a chip goes it usually takes out both hdmi and screen and gives the bsod or some other issue like charging

Hey there,

I’d also say it’s the screen, even though you changed it. Because, from my understanding the HDMI and screen are driven using the same chip, just the output pins and protocol used are different. Did you check the display’s connector on the board? Look for bent pins, loose solder joints, corrosion or other defects.
Another possibility might be the filters in the lines going to the display connector. They’re quadratic, 4-leaded and quite close to the connector itself. They sometimes die due to ESD when working in and on the console. Very unlikely through.
Another possibility would be the M92T36 chip. Check the capacitors around it for shorts. If you need help, take a look at Steve’s Switch repair videos on youtube (tronicsfix channel).

No that would likely either cause a charging issue or bsod