BLOD after cleaning PS4 CUH-1115A

So i have a PS4 that a friend decided to try and clean out despite the constant reminders that he doesn’t have the tools and didn’t know what he was doing. I did try to walk him through it as best i could but he just kinda ran with things to make it work. once he got it put back together it was getting the BLOD. My question for anyone here is which is more likely, that the APU went out during his cleaning or that he may have damaged something in the process of trying to clean his system? i’m gone through the system a couple times and can’t seem to find any obvious signs of damage and the only real concerning thing is how easily the 4 pin connector can come out now.

Thanks for reading! any help would be appreciated!

They first thing to check is that the APU clamp is on correctly and nice and tight.


I’ve checked all the connectors and solder points, and that the clamp was on tight but no luck, it looks like he just had unbelievable bad luck and the APU went about the same time. He’d already replaced it and I bought it to use for parts. I’m going to try the washer trick just to verify that it was indeed to problem but will most likely just use this one for parts. But I did successfully repair my first PS4 in my journey to become a Technician, I was able to pick up a system with WLOD for very cheap, got to practice with my solder rework station a whole bunch and once my new HDMI ports came in, I switched them out and it’s working wonders! It’s my main PS4 now and I’ve just sold my old one and already off to the next one. I was even asked to do a presentation at my College on console repair for the high school students. Thank you so much for your videos, they’ve helped me find a side job doing something I truly enjoy doing!


Thanks for the comment. I love hearing stuff like this. That’s one of the main reasons I started uploading videos!

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