Blod on oled after picofly install

I have installed picofly v6 on OLED switch , when I first start the picofly make led blue and yellow the switch start normally on ofw , and after move little bit the motherboard and I retry to start the switch blue screen if the death , I remove picofly but same thing :sob:

it’s night and I still can’t sleep because my switch is dead, but I remember one thing, when the switch started on the official firmware, I thought that the wire connected to the letter C or D was not in the right place, so I desoldered and resoldered on the other point, and when I rebooted the console, there was a blue screen of death…
this is an image from a youtuber so you understand what I’m talking about with the letter C and D, it’s not my image

All capacitors under the train on the other side of the Board are short circuited

Do you have idea …. :sob::sob::sob::sob:

I see missing component ?
Wtf :sob:

Your 1.8V rail is shorted. This is the ‘CPU cap’ at the m92t36. If you are lucky only a cap on this line is shorted or the max pmic. I would inspect the board closely and check for obvious issues.

I use multimeter on m92t36 and no short ….
I don’t know to find the probleme … you thing it’s cpu ? A lot cap on cpu bip with multimeter… but I don’t have schema of diod cap cpu

My fault, at the oled the line seems not to go straight to the m92t36.
In the worst case, it is the SoC (cpu). But for now I would check for a bad cap or max ic.

Sorry it’s hard to understand for me … iam French and bad in English :confused:

All the caps you are talking about are low impedance, you need to take resistance measurements to see if they are short to ground, also blindly soldering a wire from point C to point D without knowing what each point is was not smart

Your issues are probably related to the missing components you knocked off, I would look over the various install guides again and make sure you are soldered to the correct locations then replace those missing components

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Hello it’s true I make big shit when I connect c and swap with d
IAM really idiot
Today I use multimeter in bip mod
And this cap bip

I fond to her caps shorted
A pics for you . If you have some idea please tell me :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

I am almost certain those are inductors, not caps. BTW, I always get from 10 ohms to 50 ohms on the CPU voltage line, it looks like a short but it’s fine.

Thanks yes , I see that now 0,15
IAM lost …

I would probably start by getting the missing components back in place. Then get the diode measurements from the modchip solder points.

I have totally remove the mod chips and I don’t know what is missing name …

I’m pretty sure the component with 5 pads is an oscillator and the one with two pads is a capacitor.

je suis français aussi^^ dis moi tu as essayé de revenir en arrière , enlever le picofly?

This is an english speaking forum, please post in english.

Translate: “I’m French too^^ tell me have you tried to go back, remove the picofly?”

As @rems63800 wrote, he removed the picofly and it doesn’t change the problem.