Blue light, one beep and off again

This time a got a PS5 with the issue it shows the blue light, makes one beep and powers off again.

The privious owner told me, that he bought the PS5 sealed with a damaged HDMI Port and had it fixed by a repairshop. After that, it worked for three weeks and than came up with the issue.

The PS5 also tries to boot when pressing the PS logo on the controller or starting inserting a disc in the drive. Under a thermal cam the SoC, SSD controller and the I/O? controller showing activity. The SoC flashes one time the other two times before they power off again.

Which voltages I should expect at the output side from the power mosfets row on the backside of the SoC?

check PSU if any wired

The PSU delivers 12v. If the power button is pressed it dropps approx. 0.15v. Are there multible lines at the PSU which delivers the needed amps?