Bluescreen Repairs

Morning all!

So, the Switch Lite I sold off 4 months ago now has a bluescreen, and she reached out to ask what her options were.
Given she bought it for £130 and places on the internet charge £150 for a repair, they are not realy a viable option. Does anyone here know of anyone (including themselves) able to do it for less than that? I would try myself, but I have not yet managed to fix a bluescreen, so its probably not a good option! We are in the UK.


The issue I’ve noticed with the Lite boards is near half of the board is basically unsupported with the other half having the rigidity of the zinc frame for support, this leads to pretty bad board warp as a result (terrible design decisions by the big N)

So if the cause of the BSOD is SoC issues because of board warp then any reball of the SoC will likely only wind up resulting in a BSOD later on… unless the board returns to form when out of assembly or following SoC reball and the zinc midframe/plastic frame can be bent back into shape to prevent this later down the line or if it can’t the assembly would need swapped.

I actually went to the effort of making a jig which holds these warped board flat to resolve this which does help in more severe cases

Your welcome to send me a PM and I can offer a price, but even if the repair is successful I wouldn’t be able to offer any guarantee/warranty (assuming it’s SoC/joint issue related) due to the nature of the fault.